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Metallpulver, Oxid und Kohlenstoff Nanorotube, was hoch wirksam leitfähig ist. Metallpulver, Oxid und Kohlenstoff Nanorotube, was hoch wirksam leitfähig ist.

Es gibt viele anorganische Nano leitfähige Materialien wie Carbon-Serie Pulver (Nano Graphen, Kohlenstoff-Nanoröhren), Metallpulver (Silber Pulver,Silber Nanodres Kupferpulver, Kupfer-Nanodrähte, Silberbeschichtetes Kupferpulver, Nickelpulver, etc) u...


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  • hochreines 99,99% nano lu2o3 Lutetiumoxid Nanopulver
    High purity 99.99% Nano Lu2O3 Lutetium oxide nanopowders
    Hongwu International Group Ltd Product Name: Lutetium oxide nanopowder Formula: Lu2O3 Molecular weight: 397.93 Particle size:<100nm Puirty: 99.99% CAS: 12032-20-1 Appearance: white solid powder Properties: Insoluble in water, Soluble in non-polar acid, easy to absorb carbon dioxide and water in the air. Application of lutetium oxide nanopowders: Used in laser materials, light-emitting materials, electronic industrial materials, nd-fe-b permanent magnet materials, chemical additives and scientific research, etc We, Hongwu Nanometer, are offering different shape & size Nanoparticles, Nanopowders, Nanowires, Micropowder, Carbon Nanotube, Surface Coating, Dispersion, Compounds and Innovative Materials. If you have a question about pricing, need a quote, would like to inquire about whether an item is in stock, or require any other assistance in placing an order, please call or e-mail us at



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